Restaurants nearby the hotels:

La Locanda del Gusto

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 316

+39 091 584913

Its name has always been on the forefront in the local guide books. Beginning in the morning with breakfast, the hotel loves to delight its guests with delicious and delicate recipes, all inspired from the tastes of the traditional Sicilian cuisine. The restaurant has a Mediterranean style and uses the freshest ingredients available in the market, with a focus on biodynamic products. Wines can count on the best selection of Sicilian, Italian and international ones, as well as the list of alcohol and coffee.

Bisso Bistrot

Via Maqueda, 172 A

+39 091 334999

Frescoed walls, exposed ceiling beams and reasonably priced, lip-smacking appetisers, primi (first courses) and secondi (main courses) greet diners at this swinging, smart-casual bistro. Located at the northwest corner of the Quattro Canti, its fabulous edible offerings cover all bases, from morning cornetti (croissants) to lunch and dinner meat, fish and pasta dishes (the latter are especially good). Solo diners will appreciate the front bar seating.


Salmoriglio – The Meat Generation

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 233/235

+39 091 2733924

A gallery of unique taste that enhances the excellence of Sicilian producers, to offer a pleasant sensory experience made of local flavors.

The pastures, clean air of the countryside and of the Sicilian mountains, the traditional methods of our farmers are the basis of Salmoriglio’s concept. The quality and wholesomeness of the meat – several Sicilian, tracked and certified – the wisdom in the cut and the search of the most delicious and creative cooking methods, are Salmoriglio the best way to honor their guests are treated like friends but always served with respect and professionalism.

Selection of meats, vegetables, meats and dairy products in combination with a series of exclusive Salmoriglio sauces, created with respect for tradition and openness to innovation.

Buatta Cucina Popolana

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 176

+39 091 322378

The revolution in the kitchen starts from knowledge, from a deep study of the history of the territory and from what it offers. Transforming tradition, while keeping it recognizable in its sacredness, is the revolutionary choice of the starred Chef of Buatta.

Search for quality and seasonal raw materials, this is the heart of the Buatta restaurant mission. Enhancing the best raw materials offered by the Sicilian territory transformed into ever-changing dishes, which follow the alternation of the seasons and the availability of products.

Casa del Brodo

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 175

+39 091 321655

The menu offered by Casa del Brodo has enriched with the skilfully harmonized tastes of the sea, with no recourse to anything that might affect wholesomeness and natural taste.
It is no more than right to say that also the sea has found its own specialist.
Choice of dishes is as large as possible and satisfies even the most demanding tastes.
Among the most requested courses is the ”frittella“ (broad beans, peas, artichokes and ricotta cheese), ”macco di fave“ (broad bean soup), ”pasta con le sarde“ (pasta with sardines), ”busiate alla glasse“ (homemade pasta with stewed potatoes and beef), ”linguine con polpa di ricci“ (homemade pasta with sea urchin pulp),”risotto con frutti di mare“ (rice with mussels)… all of this well accompanied by the excellent wines stored in the restaurant cellar.

Restaurants in Palermo (city center):

Osteria Ballarò

Via Calascibetta, 25

+39 091 326488

A slinky, buzzing restaurant-cum-wine bar, Osteria Ballarò marries an atmospheric setting with sterling, Slow Food island cooking. Bare stone columns, exposed brick walls and vaulted ceilings set an evocative scene for arresting crudite di pesce (local sashimi) and seafood primi, elegant local wines and memorable Sicilian dolci (sweets).

Street food is also a protagonist outside the venue, with a space dedicated to take away, the “Ballaroad”.


Gagini Social Restuarant

Via Dei Cassari, 25

+39 091 589918

Expect sharp professionals and serious gastronomes at Gagini’s rustic, candlelit tables. In the kitchen is young-gun chef Gioacchino Gaglio, whose passion for season, region and new-school thinking delivers marvels like Sicilian tempura with citrus granita, tagliolini (thick spaghetti) with Enna saffron, scampi and escarole cream, and honey-scented baccalà (salted cod) with black chickpeas, spiced shoots and roasted chestnuts.


Trattoria Al Vecchio Club Rosanero

Vicolo Caldomai, 18

+39 349 4096880

A veritable shrine to the city’s football team (rosa nero refers to the team’s colours, pink and black), cavernous Vecchio Club scores goals with its bargain-priced, flavour-packed grub. Fish and seafood are the real fortes here; if it’s on the menu, order the caponata e pesce spada (caponata with swordfish), a sweet-and-sour victory. Head in early to avoid a wait.


Osteria Lo Bianco

Via Enrico Amari, 104

+39 091 2514906

Wedged between Piazza Politeama and the port, affable Lo Bianco cranks out delicious Palermitan classics at very digestible prices. The caponata is good enough to make a grown man weep, while the polpette di sarde (sardine patties with pine nuts, raisins, caciocavallo cheese and breadcrumbs) will have you proposing a toast to the kitchen. Round things off with the heavenly homemade cassata.


Antica Focacceria San Francesco

Via Alessandro Paternostro, 58

+39 091 320264

Standards may have slipped, but this historic focacceria – in business since 1834 – remains a pumping institution. Once a favourite haunt of notorious Mafia boss ‘Lucky’ Luciano, it’s best for a quick counter bite, from arancini to panino con la milza (veal spleen boiled in lard, served on a roll with optional lemon, ricotta and caciocavallo cheese).