Tracks and Chairs

  • Drivers for sustainability in the wine industry
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and wineries’ success
  • New sustainable products and processes
  • New sustainable models in the wine supply chain
  • The role of sustainable labels as tools to acquire market shares
  • Innovations and hightech in efficiency improvement and industry sustainability
Climate Change
  • Climate change and geography of wine grape production
  • Natural resources management and climate change
  • Water and carbon footprint in the wine industry
  • Adaptation strategies to climate change in the wine industry
  • New wine consumption patterns
  • Millennial generation and wine
  • Wine consumption and health
  • Differentiation effects of quality labels on consumer demand
  • Similarities and differences between consumers and gatekeepers demand
  • Consumers’ decision making, learning process, knowledge channels and influencers
Market, Policy and Trade
  • Green marketing strategies in the wine industry
  • Corporate and territorial brand in the wine industry
  • Web and Social media and digital strategies in the wine industry
  • The role of wine company in the social/economic development of a region
  • Supply chain wine management
  • The role of family businesses in the global wine market
  • Wine tourism
  • Institutional and corporate responsibility in developing wine industry quality
  • Wine Policy
  • Wine and Finance